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Heating and Air Conditioning

Enhancing Comfort and Efficiency: Service Solutions, Inc.’s Comprehensive Residential Heating and Air Conditioning Services

 In Miami, Oklahoma, Service Solutions, Inc. is a pillar of excellence in residential heating and air conditioning services. We cater to the diverse needs of homeowners with a commitment to quality and reliability. Specializing in a wide array of repairs, installations, and maintenance, we work to ensure your home remains comfortable and energy efficient.

 Repair Services

Service Solutions, Inc. offers an array of repair services designed to address various heating and cooling challenges. From troubleshooting and fixing furnace issues to repairing air conditioning units, our expertise covers a spectrum of systems.

Parts Replacement

If any component of your heating and air conditioning system breaks down, Service Solutions, Inc. will replace the part or parts. We will swiftly replace the damaged parts with high-quality parts to restore optimal functionality.

Duct Repair

Ducts in good condition are crucial for maintaining efficient air distribution throughout the home. When a problem arises, Service Solutions, Inc. can fix leaks and inefficiencies in the ducts to prevent energy loss.

Freon Leaks

A significant concern for heating and air conditioning systems are refrigeration leaks. Leaks can impact efficiency and potentially cause system failures. Our skilled technicians use advanced detection methods to identify and repair refrigeration leaks promptly, preserving system performance and longevity.

Ventilation Services

Ventilation services round out our repair offerings, ensuring proper airflow and indoor air quality. Whether repairing existing ventilation systems or installing new ones, Service Solutions, Inc. prioritizes efficiency and homeowner comfort.

Heating and Air Conditioning Services – Installations

In addition to repairs, Service Solutions, Inc. excels in installations tailored to meet each customer’s specific needs. System replacements are expertly managed, guiding homeowners through upgrading to more efficient and technologically advanced heating and air conditioning systems. For new construction projects, our team collaborates closely with builders and homeowners. The goal is to design and install systems that integrate seamlessly with architectural plans and energy efficiency goals.

Maintenance Services

Service Solutions, Inc. provides maintenance services that are integral to prolonging heating and air conditioning system lifespan and optimizing performance. Regular maintenance inspections and tune-ups prevent costly repairs and ensure peak efficiency. This saves homeowners money on energy bills and enhances indoor comfort year-round.

Projects and repairs large or small Service Solutions Inc. has experience and team to get the job done right and efficiently. Give us a call at (918) 542-7797 or contact us HERE


  • Smyste Repairs
    Air & Heating
  • Parts Replacements
  • Duct Repair
  • Refrigeration Leaks
  • Ventalation


  • System Replacement
  • New Construction
  • Building Controls


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