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Don’t Let Clogged Pipes Be A Drain On Your Business

In a commercial environment, whether it be a restaurant, office building, hospital, agricultural facility, school, store or other, it goes without saying that substantial demands are constantly being put on the plumbing system. And when a blockage occurs in the pipes, a major disruption could occur to the business or organization. But hiring a professional to conduct hydro jetting services can eliminate that risk.

Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting is a technique that provides an efficient means to cleaning and unclogging pipes. It is extremely powerful with the ability to cut through both solid and semi-solid materials including blockages from tree roots, grease, food waste, sediments, and sewage.

The Hydro Jetting Process

Think of it as power washing your driveway—with hydro jetting, water is used under varying amounts of pressure to blast water through the pipes to break down material that is causing the blockage. Prior to the hydro jetting a camera is used to inspect the pipe to determine if it is damaged.

Why Hydro Jetting?

There are a number of reasons why hydro jetting is a superior approach to cleaning out clogged pipes:

  • Hydro-jetting compared to snaking: The snaking method uses an auger, a cork screw device used to bore holes. This method only clears a portion of the pipe and works best on minor problems. The hydro jetting method cleans the entire pipe leaving virtually no debris behind.
  • Environmentally friendly: The process uses only water at a high pressure so chemicals or solvents are not released into the environment, nor are clients and employees exposed to any.
  • Effective: Hydro jetting provides a fast and effective resolution to clogged pipes which helps to diminish the chances of lost revenue.
  • Cleans: Not only does hydro jetting unclog the pipes, the force of the water also cleans them.

Hydro Jetting Maintenance

Some businesses are prone to having continual issues with their plumbing system. In those cases, a hydro jetting maintenance program could be a wise investment. READ MORE……

Service Solutions has a trained team who uses specialized equipment when performing hydro jetting services. We will customize our services to your specific needs. Call 918-542-7797 for a free estimate.

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