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100% Satisfaction Guarantee – The Job’s Not Complete Until You’re Satisfied.

We’re committed to providing superior products and services to our customers. Promising to deliver total satisfaction, all of the time, is a bold statement. But we back up our words with action. Service Solutions, Incorporated guarantee is based on the foundation of long-term relationships with clients. Our goal is to see that you are completely satisfied and come to us again and again with your facilities maintenance, repair and new projects.

A key element to customer satisfaction is our project management system. As your job is processed, the project manager keeps you informed and up-to-date on progress. Communication is our priority in making sure the project is completed to your specification and all expectations are met. And that’s another advantage to our project management system. If you do have concerns about your job, you need not worry about trying to navigate a lengthy process to get answers. Just one call to your project manager and the problem is taken care of.

We have confidence in our ability to provide the best service you have ever experienced, but we want you to have confidence as well. That’s why we offer this no risk guarantee.

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