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Commercial Power Washing for Parking Lots and Sidewalks

First Impressions Can be Lasting Ones

As a commercial property owner, you have to oversee numerous functions. This includes property maintenance. Of the many aspects of maintenance one includes the parking lot (and dumpster area) and sidewalks. While at first glance, this may not seem to have to be a priority, if not maintained, both can become unsightly and hazardous.

In addition to maintaining the structural integrity of both, the cleanliness of these areas is also an important consideration. Over time unsightly and unsafe waste and garbage can accumulate on these surfaces. Gum, grease and other petroleum products, cigarettes, and spilled coffee and food found in parking lots and on sidewalks send a negative signal to your clients and customers about both the property and the business. Also, any of these can be a potential hazard and be the cause of a slip and/or fall.

Service Solutions Provides Commercial Power Washing Services

Service Solutions understands and can provide you with power washing services to achieve clean and safe parking and walking areas. Our team uses state of the art methods and equipment to ensure the job is done quickly and effectively.

We will work with you to establish a scheduled time frame to complete the work that best meets your needs. Some of the business and industries that we service include: retail stores, gas stations, banks, apartment complexes, storage unit complexes, restaurants, warehouses, medical facilities, hotels, offices and more.

Our team at Service Solutions looks forward to helping you keep the attractiveness of your business at its best. Give us a call at (918) 542-7797 or (800) 874-8388 for a free consultation and estimate.

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