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Service Solutions, Inc. is proud to offer you facilities services. However, if you are in need of just parts and/or equipment for your business, we can assist you in this as well.  One of the many advantages of going this route is that it will save you money and time. There are numerous other advantages when you use Service Solutions, Inc., to purchase parts and equipment. Below are some of them.

Service Solutions, Inc. is Your Go-To Choice for Parts and Equipment 

DIRECT SAVINGS  As a parts and equipment dealer Service Solutions, Inc., has the ability to  purchase direct from the manufacturer. This eliminates several middlemen and the added markup in price.  Using Service Solutions, Inc. to purchase parts results in significant savings that we pass on to you! 

QUALITY  The parts and equipment sourced by Service Solutions, Inc. are high-quality, commercial grade.  We would not think of selling parts that we would not use ourselves. Using inferior quality parts leads to profit robbing downtime. On the other hand,  using quality parts results in fewer repair issues and a longer operating life. 

TIME SENSITIVE  Sourcing parts can often be the factor that holds a job up. As a parts and equipment dealer, Service Solutions, Inc. stocks thousands of parts for that are available for immediate delivery.  If you happen to need a part that is not in stock, rest assured that it can be sourced quickly and delivered with a rapid turnaround so you can move forward on your project.

EXPERTISE  Our commercial and facilities experience enables Service Solutions, Inc. to know what parts are needed.  We have the technical background to quickly analyze your needs and determine the right part for the most complicated job.  Assisting you to source the right part can save many hours of frustration and shorten downtime.

We look forward to discussing your needs regarding parts and/or equipment and coming up with the perfect solution. Contact us here.


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