Let It Snow – Service Solutions has you covered

From that falling first flake to the last snowfall of the season our team at Service Solutions has you covered so the snow won’t.

Service Solutions of Miami, Oklahoma, provides commercial snow removal and de-icing services. We understand how important it is that parking lots and sidewalks be safe and accessible all year. And we’re here to help make that happen for you.

Our proactive approach reduces the risk of injury to all those who spend time on your property. This approach also enables you to expect uninterrupted operation of your business even in the midst of a snow storm.
We accomplish this by offering snow removal and de-icing service contracts and making it one less thing for you to think about when the snow flies.

Snow Removal and De-Icing Services

We offer several types of contracts as well as optional services so your contract is customized to your set of circumstances. We provide:

Snow clearing: Service Solutions is equipped to handle snow clearing on your property, no matter how small or large. We service all types of institutions including:

  • Retail centers
  • Health care facilities
  • Industrial parks
  • Apartment complexes
  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Restaurants
  • Banks
  • AND more

Sidewalk cleaning:  It’s not enough to clear the parking lot. People need access to the front door via the sidewalk. We will see to it that the passage is free from snow and ice. Our snow removal equipment includes equipment designed for clearing sidewalks. In addition, we use de-icing materials (calcium chloride) that will not harm plants and soil.

Roof Cleaning: Accumulations of snow on the roof can threaten the structural integrity of the building. During any given snow and/or ice event, Service Solutions will assess the condition of the roof and, if deemed safe, remove the snow.

De-icing: In addition to snow, freezing conditions pose a potential for dangerous hazards. Our contract includes de-icing service for any type of freezing precipitation.

Snow relocation/Haul-away: Piled up snow can be hazardous, not to mention, deplete your inventory of parking spaces. We offer this additional service so your revenue and clients won’t be affected. We will either relocate the snow to another area on your property or haul it off the property.

Commercial Snow and Ice Management Packages

A snow and ice management contract with Service Solutions has several advantages:

  • Knowledge of what your snow budget will be without any unexpected costs
  • Access to 24/7 service
  • Continual communication
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Several contract choices available to fit you needs.

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