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Why Choose Service Solutions, Inc.

Outsourcing may be a new concept for your business. Think of our service as another tool to use in your pursuit of making your business become more efficient and cost effective. Read about the advantages when you choose Service Solutions, Inc. 

Advantages of Choosing Service Solutions, Inc.

FOCUSING ON WHAT MATTERS: Facility management is necessary, but not a profit building endeavor. Your employees can better add to the bottom line by focusing on sales and production. SERVICE SOLUTIONS, Inc. facilities management allows your staff the time to work on creating new business.

EXPERTISE: The most cost-effective project is one that is done right the first time and on schedule. Our specialized providers bring professional expertise to the project, eliminating guesswork and unnecessary costs. We hand-pick resources that bring cutting edge technology to your project.

OVERHEAD: An in-house maintenance staff can be costly. In addition to hourly wages, there are dozens of costs involved in keeping extra employees such as Insurance, Payroll Tax, Retirement Plans, Vacation Time, Bonuses, Sick Pay.  When you choose SERVICE SOLUTIONS, Inc. to handle  your maintenance and repair needs, some of the  benefits you will realize include helping control operating expenses and lessening the impact on budget considerations. Also, this can result in streamlining Human Resource management.

COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE: By outsourcing facilities management, your business will have the resources to tackle new growth and projects that might otherwise be beyond the scope of your employees. If you considered expansion but have concerns about controlling costs, maintaining schedules and staying on budget, we can help you realize your dreams. When you choose SERVICE SOLUTIONS, Inc., you will have the information you need to move forward with plans for the future

SERVICE: SERVICE SOLUTIONS, Inc., prioritizes customer service and work to make sure you are fully satisfied. We believe communication and collaboration are cornerstones in achieving this goal. We also work to deliver outstanding solutions that exceed your expectations.

When you choose SERVICE SOLUTIONS, Inc. you will benefit from all the above. We look forward to working with you. Call (918) 542-7797 or contact us here.


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